About the Manager

The Tandem Trading Program was developed and is managed by Jaime Valenzuela, the trading principal and founder of Algorithmic Futures Inc.

Valenzuela holds degrees in both Audio and Electrical Engineering and has been granted six patents for digital processing of images and sound. For nearly 20 years, he has worked as a professional Software Architect serving mostly Fortune 500 companies. In the last decade his expertise has expanded to include Computer Automation and AWS Cloud Computing. He has been actively trading futures since 2010. In 2014, he began applying signal processing concepts to price action and using statistical methodologies to create automated trading strategies. These novel applications led to the creation of the Tandem Trading Program which he completed in 2016 and live tested throughout 2017 using his proprietary account. In February 2018, he began trading family and friend accounts as an exempt CTA. In March 2019, Algorithmic Futures, Inc. began managing client accounts. Valenzuela organized Algorithmic Futures in September 2018 which became a registered CTA and NFA member in October 2018. Mr. Valenzuela is an NFA Associate Member, registered associated person and listed principal of Algorithmic Futures, Inc. since October 2018.